Friday, 18 June 2021

Friday, 18 June 2021: Plenary Session    
6/18/202112:4513:00Grandon Gill & Moez LimayemWelcome
6/18/202113:0013:45John CourisKeynote: DBA Impact on Tampa General Hospital
Friday, 18 June 2021: First Session    
Track: IT and Development    
6/18/202114:0014:30Federico GiovannettiAre information security awareness programs using the right approach?
6/18/202114:3015:00Mary LebensEmpirical Findings: Rise of the Citizen Developer
6/18/202115:0015:30Joe HodgesDeveloping Sustainable Mobile and Web Enabled Platforms for Healthcare Consumers 
Track: Impact and Ethics    
6/18/202114:0014:30Grandon GillIs the Muma DBA Having Impact on Practice: Results of a Survey
6/18/202114:3015:00Dr. Chrissann RuehleArtificial Intelligence: Managing and Overcoming the Ethical Hurdles
6/18/202115:0015:30Brad PuckeyCorporate Brand Impact on Sales / Revenue per Share
Track: Governance and Risk    
6/18/202114:0014:30Sue GoodmanUnderstanding How Governance Improves the Effectiveness and Competency of Nonprofit Boards
6/18/202114:3015:00Andy HaferEnhancing the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Tampa Bay
6/18/202115:0015:30Chris SawchuckWhat are the key design principles to building an effective supply risk management capability?
Friday, 18 June 2021: Second Session    
Track: Microbusiness Issues    
6/18/202115:4516:15Debra FrankMicrobreweries Resiliency During COVID-19
6/18/202116:1516:45Debra FrankWhat Critical Success Factors are Required for Preventing Microbusiness Closures During a Crisis?
6/18/202116:4517:15Angie PayneGrowth and Contraction Between Micro to Small Business?
Track: Workforce Issues    
6/18/202115:4516:15Michael HolmesThe Performance Triad: Well-being, Resilience, and Thriving
6/18/202116:1516:45Catrina HopkinsThe New Nomadic Workforce
6/18/202116:4517:15Lisa MelsonWhat Role Does Critical Race Theory Play in Diversity Training