Saturday, 19 June 2021

Saturday, 19 June 2021: Morning Workshops and Panels
6/19/202111:0012:00Richard WillLeadership and Board Governance in the strategic planning process at the USF Federal Credit Union
Saturday, 19 June 2021: Plenary Session
6/19/202113:0013:45Paul SpectorKeynote: Self-Correcting Science: The Case of Productive and Counterproductive Behavior
Saturday, 19 June 2021: First Session
Track: Finance Issues    
6/19/202114:0014:30James FarleyRedesign of the Capital Asset Pricing Model
6/19/202114:3015:00Chad JonesLove over literacy in achieving optimal financial behavior?
6/19/202115:0015:30Christian KochA Discussion on Warren Buffett
Track: Tampa Bay Topics 
6/19/202114:0014:30Shrimatee Ojah MaharajA Deep Dive with Tampa Bay Experts- Lenders, Practitioners, Developers, and Policy Makers, on Understanding Millennials’ housing needs and the state of the middle housing types in walkable urban core areas. 
6/19/202114:3015:00sarah combsUSF Community Cries for Rapid Employment Due to COVID-19 
Track: Regional Issues 
6/19/202114:0014:30Agyei FosuIssue of financial management practices among SMMEs: A case study of former Transkei Homelands in Eastern Cape Province South Africa.
6/19/202114:3015:00Fadi Naser Eddinwalk-out with complete patient’s discharge summary
6/19/202115:0015:30Mamerto GonedaA Web-Based Library System of Lagro Senior High School Amidst Pandemic
Saturday, 19 June 2021: Second Session
Track: International Issues 
6/19/202115:4516:15Juan GarciaPredictors of Economic Outlook in Stability Operations
6/19/202116:1516:45John HenningsMethods of Assessing Intercultural Competence for International Assignments: A Systematic Review of Reviews
6/19/202116:4517:15Quintin McGrathInsights into the Differences in the Cultural Understanding of Ethics
Track: Technology Concerns    
6/19/202115:4516:15Randell McNairInforming Value: industry analysis for complex process facility digital twins 
6/19/202116:1516:45Mamerto GonedaAdopting Actor-Network Theory Approach for Digital Content of the School Library in Lagro Senior High School