About AMP

The AMP (Academics Meet Practice; formerly Practitioner-Scholar Research) Conference is hosted by the Doctor of Business Administration program at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business. It is run for the benefit of participants in executive doctoral programs around the world and for academics and managers who seek to bridge the massive gap that now exists between business research and the practice of business.

Long term, the AMP Conference has two specific goals:

  1. To offer a venue where interesting research can be communicated to practice.
  2. To provide a place where practitioners engaged in research–including individuals enrolled in DBA or Executive PhD programs–can enhance their research skills.

In adopting these goals, AMP specifically seeks to be both developmental and translational. By developmental, we mean helping its participants better conduct and communicate research that is directly relevant to practice. By translational, we mean encouraging communication between communities that have not been informing each other effectively–particularly the very different worlds of business research and practice. We will strive to provide a friendly and nurturing environment through which these goals can be achieved.