AMP Online 2024-Agenda

Friday, 28 June 2024
1:30-2:00 EDTConference Kick Off 
1:30-1:55Introductory RemarksT. Grandon Gill
2:00-3:00Strategy Topics 
2:00-2:20Marketing Strategy Maturity: from novel idea to empirical researchJuan Manuel Harraca
2:20-2:40The Consequences of Complacency: A Study on the Failures to Innovate by Sears, Blockbuster, and PolaroidLisa Hammond
3:00-4:30Organization & Technology Topics 
3:00-3:20The Influence of Audit Firm Culture on the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Midsize Audit FirmsMassoda Ma-Nlep
3:20-3:40From Scholarly Concepts to Management Tools: The Praxis of Organizational IntelligenceMaayan Nakash (Video)
4:00-5:00AI Workshop 
4:00-5:00Welcome to the world of AI agents and AI assistants!Thomas Pavey
Friday schedule

Saturday, 29 June 2024
9:00-10:00 AMPanel Discussion 
9:00-9:55Agile Home Owners Association PanelKyle Kelly
10:00-11:30 AMJustice and Sustainability Topics 
10:00-10:20Scholar-practitioners: A comparison of the leadership practices of criminal justice facultyNeil Harper
10:20-10:40“Building Redemption: The Role of Employer Support in Lowering Recidivism Rates Among Ex-Offenders in the Construction Industry”Christofer Pacheco
10:40-11:00How do Intentional Organizational Actions, Decisions, and Purposeful Strategies influence the Development of Sustainable Relationships with Black-Owned BusinessWill (Pete) Shaw
11:30-12:30Education Topics 
11:30-11:50How Has the Change in Teaching Methodology in Introductory Accounting Courses Impacted Universities and Their Students?Leigh Moon
11:50-12:10Muma DBA After 10 YearsDanielle Bartlett
12:30-1:30Lunch Break 
1:30-3:00Leadership Topics 
1:30-1:50The Founder Dilemma: What to do next?Jared Knisley
1:50-2:10Nature-Inspired Strategies: Enhancing Organizational Design and Leadership through Starling Organization, Swarm Intelligence, and Commander’s IntentLisa Hammond
2:10-2:30From Noise to Silence; Dynamics of Toxic LeadershipAndrew Lyman
3:00-4:30Workforce Topics 
3:00-3:20Reexamining the Secure Act 2.0 For 2024: Previous, Current, And Future ConsiderationsDr Christian Koch (Video)
3:20-3:40Informing Change: Smart-Shoring AssetsShawn Tinsley
3:40-4:00How is employee engagement impacted by remote work arrangements and job compatibility?Sherry Shen
Saturday Schedule